Brigitte Mebius
Garden Education and Design
(404) 277-6673

About Brigitte

Brigitte Mebius is originally from the Netherlands — the celebrated land of flowers and home to Tulip Mania.

Brigitte brings three decades of garden experience in conjunction with a design and merchandising background. Prior to Gardens of Providence, Brigitte managed the Buckhead location for an international fashion retailer for several years.

Most recently, Brigitte served as the President of the Avondale Estates Garden Club and served as the gardening teacher for a private school. She is also a Certified School Master Gardener through the County Extension Service.

Sustainable Gardening - Brigitte developed the Gardens of Providence method in order to bring a sustainable approach to maintaining one’s property that would be easy for homeowners to adopt. The focus is on using everything on the property — from garden refuse, to overgrown plants — in order to create a mecca of living, blooming green energy. She developed this sustainable approach on her own property by transplanting, splitting and rooting a variety of shrubs and perennials into “themed” groupings. Inspired by the results, she is eager to help people create bountiful gardens, even with modest budgets.

Brigitte’s clients typically desire to beautify their yards, yet either need assistance with the vision and know-how or need encouragement to break through their intimidation and ignite their inspiration.