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Garden Education and Design
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The Service

Gardens of Providence are more than lovely garden spots. They engage your creativity, connect you to the earth and nurture your soul. And because they are created with your sweat and love, they deliver deeper satisfaction than typical “landscape treatments.”

On a practical level, not everyone has the resources needed to design and install beautiful landscaping for an entire property. Gardens of Providence help you build an artistic landscape in small, manageable steps — one hundred square feet at a time.

Here’s how the service works:

The Vision

Your Garden of Providence begins with a “walk-and-talk” of your property with garden designer, Brigitte Mebius. The goal is to find the spot on your property that is ripe for transformation. Are you looking for a meditation spot? A source for cut flowers? Garden flair to accent your home? A rework of tired landscaping? Or a garden area to attract wildlife?

The Design

Brigitte turns the results of the walk-and-talk into a hand drawn design for your Garden of Providence. Most importantly, the design will incorporate the size and scope, use of existing materials, and cost-effective plantings that will guarantee success.

The goal is to match your Garden of Providence to the way you live your life.


Whether you carefully select from a nursery, wheel a cart through The Home Depot or dig up old growth from behind your garage, having a detailed materials list in hand is half the battle of installing a garden. Brigitte will develop your list, suggest sources and give you a rough idea of the total cost before you shop.


Gardens of Providence are designed to get your hands dirty. But, if you’re starting with hard-packed clay, 12 bags of soil amendment, and assorted shrubs, you will probably want help. We can provide installation assistance and labor. (note — this is a big question here)


As a Gardens of Providence gardener, you will receive our seasonal newsletter with timely hints for pruning, feeding, splitting and mulch. We are also available for seasonal consults and side-by-side guidance on keeping your Garden of Providence beautiful.

Service Area

I currently serve in-town neighborhoods in Atlanta, Decatur and adjacent areas.

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