Brigitte Mebius
Garden Education and Design
(404) 277-6673


Sustainability Educator

Brigitte Mebius is a Certified School Master Gardener who introduces K-8 students to the basic principles of sustainability in the garden. Students are introduced to the the basic principles of planting, maintaining, composting and harvest. The focus is on the cycles of nature. The goal is to help children become aware of how the choices we make affect the sustainability of our garden as well as our local and world community. Brigitte follows a learning by doing approach that helps children understand:

  • What does it mean to live well and responsibly within our environment? Why is this important?
  • How can we learn to live responsibly within nature to ensure a sustainable future?
  • If “there is no such place as away,” how and why does sustainability begin “here?”

Sustainability for Homeowners

Brigitte brings a sustainability focus to her gardening work with homeowners. Homeowners are encouraged to develop a small ecosystem on their properties, regardless of size. Topics include:

  • Alternatives to putting leaf trash on the curb, i.e. the “heap.”
  • “Recycling” found plants on the property in order to enhance their ability to thrive and offer beauty
  • Compost systems and alternatives